Described in International Times as “Angela Carter on a Plate”, Goldsmith’s ceramics and paintings are dark, beautiful and other-worldly.

Imaginary and historical portraits of poets, fairies, ghosts and the marginal or shunned. Often with companion cats, lamb or swan.

Goldsmith paints in layers of slips, oxides, and glazes onto clay canvas, scratching lines of poetry into the surface. When juxtaposed against the antique gold frames, the glazed paintings are reminiscent of enamel miniatures.

Influenced by the Gothic, literature, pycho-historical walks, and the baroque, themes are of death, separation and romanticism. Personal and mythical, her paintings explore mourning and legacy, survival through story telling.

The literary poetic nature of the figures, referenced in the titles and depictions speak of a lyric survival, of a life in words. They struggle against morbidity and speak of renewal and rebirth, romance and love.

Recent exhibitions include Goth-Shop, at the Horror Show, Somerset House, Delta Gamma, at the Saatchi Gallery and Kunst the Clown and Friends, Gallery 46.

Three of her paintings featured in the best selling art-anthology England On Fire by Stephan Ellcock and Mat Osman, published in 2022

Her miniature portrait, ‘Ghost of Marlowe’ is featured on the cover of The London Magazine Feb/March 2020

Goldsmith has recently completed painting courses at Turps Art School and Contemporary Art Academy. She graduated from Camberwell Art School, and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. She lives and works in London.

Her work is in private collections world-wide, particularly those of artist’s, musician’s and the theater-world.